The Crosscut Saw Manual

A U.S. Forest Service Publication - by Warren Miller

Many consider this manual the "bible" to crosscut saw filers and users. First published in 1978, it is probably the only crosscut saw manual ever compiled.

This sole source on saw use and maintenance also has an interesting introduction dealing with the history of crosscut saws, along with detailed drawings and descriptions on how a crosscut saw works. Includes plans for a saw vise that can be inexpensively constructed, as well as an in-depth look at the use of filing tools, complete with illustrations.

This one-and-only 24 page manual should be in every filer's shop.

#460 - Crosscut Saw Manual - $4.00

Vintage Saw Catalog Reprints

"Henry Disston & Sons Handbook for Lumbermen"

1902 edition. Good illustrations of crossut saws, both one man and two man, as well as saw tools and band and circular saws used in the lumber industry.

Many sections on filing and setting of teeth, tensioning, fitting, and aligning, supplemented with illustrations, diagrams, and charts. 168 pages. 6" X 9". Soft cover. By the way, Disston made some of the finest crosscut saws and saw tools, and along with Simonds and Atkins saw companies, comprised the "Big Three" crosscut saw manufacturers of the time. #461 - Henry Disston & Sons Handbook for Lumbermen - $19.95