Economy Saw Setting / Sharpening Kit

Our basic kit gives you the tools required to sharpen and modify the set in crosscut saw teeth. Heavy cast setting tool has adjustable set screw which allows for precision setting. Also sets buzz saws, rip saws, etc. Fastest method for quick modifications in the field. Complete with crosscut sharpening file and detailed instructions.

#443 - Economy Saw Setting/ Sharpening Kit - $39.95

Hammer Set / Sharpening Kit

Preferred Method of professional saw filers. Super-accurate setting can only be accomplished with a hammer set. A hammer set will last longer than other setting procedures.

Kit contains our professional setting hammer, spider set gage, hand anvil, crosscut sharpening file, and detailed instructions.

#444 - Hammer Set / Sharpening Kit - $48.65

Dial Indicator Set Gage

This handy, precision tool is recommended for every professional saw filer. Eliminates guesswork and the need to have many spiders of various settings. Accurately measures side clearance (set) on crosscuts, buzz saws, or any hand or circular saw blade! Easy to use - Easy to read. Direct reads in .001" increments. Like a spider with a brain!

#445 - Dial Indicator Set Gage - $123.65

Raker Swaging Kit

Everything needed to turn straight (factory) rakers into the more efficient swaged rakers, or to maintain an already-swaged raker saw. Swaging rakers greatly increases the saw's efficiency, resulting in more wood cut faster and with a lot less effort! Contains our professional swaging hammer, raker fitting file with "safe" corners and back (so you won't hit other teeth), raker pin gage, and detailed instructions.

#446 - Raker Swaging Kit - $39.95

Crosscut Saw Reconditioning Kit

crosscut saw reconditioning kit

Every tool you will ever need for your crosscut saw maintenance. Contains: Setting/Swaging hammer, quick set saw setting tool, combination jointer / raker gage, hand anvil, setting stake, spider set gage, raker pin gage, raker fitting file, feeler gauge, crosscut sharpening and jointing file, and detailed instructions.

#447 - Crosscut Saw Reconditioning Kit - $165.65