One-Man Saw Handles

Supplementary Handle #428 - $19.50
"D" Handle - Available pre-drilled to fit our U.S. one man saws, or undrilled - Please Specify #429 - $18.50
"D" Handle Hardware - Includes 3 aluminum screws & nuts #430 - $2.95

Two-Man Saw Handles

Climax Saw Handles

Our Climax Saw Handles are the most widely used crosscut saw handles today. Traditional design with heavy steel parts. Contoured 14" hardwood handle is laquered and comfortable to use. Fits virtually every two man crosscut saw ever made. No tools required to attach to saw! Get an extra pair now - you'll be glad you did.

#431 - $29.45/pair

New Western Style Handles

Our state-of-the-art western handles represent the first improvement in saw handles in over 50 years. Designed by us in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service, whose rigorous tests and requirements far exceed normal use.

Handles pivot for felling and bucking positions without the need for tools of any kind. The back of the handle is smooth - no wing nuts to gouge your hands! Generous 14" long ash handle has ample room for the hands above and below the bolt.

#432 - $54.95/pair

Try a pair of these revolutionary western handles, and you'll never go back to any other handle!