Buzz Saw Rig

The finest rig ever built! Easily attached to tractor's three point hitch and PTO. No wasted set up time. You take the saw right to the job and as soon as you park the tractor you are set to cut.

Designed to give a full 12" cut with the included 30" blade.

Shipped completely assembled with instructions. Shipped freight collect - F.O.B. factory.

Made in the U.S.A. #515 - Buzz Saw Rig - $1730.00

Rig Specifications

Saw Blade:30" Diameter, 10GA., 1-3/8" Bore
Max. Blade R.P.M.:1200 at 450 PTO R.P.M.
Necessary HP:15 PTO Horsepower
Depth of Cut:12"
Overall Dimensions:Length: 58", Width: 36", Height: 46"
Net Weight:Approximately 305 lbs.

Buzz Saw Blades

For serious and continuous woodcutting, set up a buzz saw...

More efficient and effortless than a chain saw.

Made in the U.S.A.

1-3/8" arbor hole

Blade Specifications

Stk #DiameterGaugeNo. TeethR.P.M.'sWeightPrice
#51832"1080112030 lbs$218.50

#518 - 32" Blade $218.50